Happy Navrartri!!

Hello Friends,

Wish you all a very Happy Navratri..Navratri is Hindu festival of goddesses..Nav means nine..so,it is a nine days festival and then comes Dussera the day of victory of good over evil..This festival started from 10th of october..There are so many sanskrit shlokas to worship goddess and Sanskrit is the ancient language with its own punctuations like single line "|" means end of the sentence and double lines means "||" end of the paragraph. so i decided to make the card for navratri using one of my favourite shlokas ..

Here is the pic

I have handwritten the shlok and it can be pronounced as " Namo devyai Mahadevyai shivayai satatam namah, Namah prakratyai bhadrayai niyatah prantah smatam."

The meaning of this shlok in english is " We bow to the goddess, to the energy of infinite goodness.We prostrate,with hands together,to nature,to excellent one"

Hope you like it!!

Happy crafting!!



  1. I can't believe that's handwritten! It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for playing along with CASology!

  2. This is amazing! Your writing is beautiful and thanks so much for sharing your festival with us. I love learning about new cultures and traditions. And thanks for joining us at CASology this week.


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